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Lowes Area Rugs

Lowes area rugs are a great décor that can give accent to a home's interior design. A splash of colors can create a unifying mood that gives a room a unique character. They also add warmth by taking the chill off the floor. Some can also reduce the noise inside a room. This is how versatile the function of an area rug is.

Match Your Style
There are so many styles and colors of rugs now available in the market. However, this should not cause buyers to panic because choosing an area rug that matches with their own houses' designs proves to be not a daunting task at all. This is true if you consider the following factors before you buy any of Lowes area rugs:

• If you want your rug to be the center attraction in the room, choose one with a central medallion. However, if you want to give emphasis to the other furniture or place in the room such as the fireplace, then choose for a rug with a more repetitive pattern.

• The rug should not be in contrast with the walls and upholstery, unless the contrast is attractive enough for the room. Though, this is a risky decoration experiment to venture on. If you have ornate patterned wallpaper, a subtler patterned rug is the right mix.

• The color of Lowes area rugs that you must choose is the one that can complement the color of the room. It is not necessary that the color of the rugs is the same with the color of the room. They should at least coordinate. So you don't get a black rug if your room is painted dark violet.

• Light-colored rugs can give a different mood from that of dark-colored rugs. The former make a room look more spacious, while the latter creates a cozy elegant atmosphere.

• You may want to get more creative by using a couple of Lowes area rugs in the room. However, you should not buy them at the same sizes. This will make the room look crowded and divided. In addition, rugs of exactly similar patterns can be too much. So, if they have different patterns, they still should complement each other.

Choosing the Right Size
Lowes area rugs size can affect the mood created by the furniture and other décor in the room. The wrong size may destroy the entire interior design. To avoid such dilemma, think of where to put the rug, and the size of that place.

• If the rug is put under a coffee table, it should be large enough to hold all the four legs.

• If the rug will be placed under the dining table, you have to first measure the length and width of the table. And then add a minimum of 4 feet more in each of the measurements. This should be the size of the rug you have to buy so that the legs of the dining chairs do not fall off the rug even when they are pulled away from the table to allow you to sit down.

Lowes area rugs can do so much to make your room appear at its best. The best deals can usually be found online.